SWET Talk Shop, April 11 (Wed.), Tokyo

SWET Talk Shop, April 11 (Wed.), Tokyo

Streamlining and Professionalizing Your Translation

Special guest: Beth Cary

Time: 6:00–9:00 p.m. Discussion starts at 7:00.

Place (new venue)Book House Cafe, Jinbocho

See website for map; come out Jinbocho subway exit A1, turn right and walk about 15 meters to the Kitazawa Building. We will be on the ground floor at the back, beyond the children's books. Look for the SWET sign.

Fee: Free of charge.

For further information. E-mail us at SWET Events.

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Swet Columns

SWET 2018 Member Survey Report

SWET 2018 Member Survey Report

Report by Winifred A. Bird

This February, as SWET approaches its 38th anniversary, we conducted an online member survey to get a better sense of your interests, your relationship with the organization, and your hopes for its future. Seventy-nine of you filled it out, a response rate of about 50 percent. A summary of the results follows. To view the full results, you may use this link to view or download the PDF file.

All About You

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Workshop: Cultural Translation and the Information Gap

Workshop: Cultural Translation and the Information Gap

by Richard Medhurst

Japanese and English readers come from different cultural backgrounds. References that are familiar to the former, whether from tradition or popular culture, may baffle the latter. The SWET workshop I led on May 17, 2017 tackled cultural translation for the general reader, considering how to handle the “information gap” between the two kinds of readers with the aim of producing translations that are enticing and easy to follow.

Know Your Audience

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Member Spotlight

Simon Rowe: An Independent Author’s Journey

Simon Rowe: An Independent Author’s Journey

Simon Rowe is an independent writer who currently resides in the city of Himeji, situated in western Honshu and known for its splendidly preserved Edo-period castle. After 20 years of roving the world as a travel writer, he has turned to penning short fiction and screenplays. He has recently self-published a collection of short stories, Good Night Papa: Short Stories from Japan and Elsewhere. ( link) SWET interviewed Rowe about his writing and self-publishing philosophy.

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A Community for Japan-Related Writing Professionals

Based in Tokyo, Japan, SWET comprises people engaged not only in the three professions of writing, editing, and translating, but also in teaching, research, rewriting, design and production, copywriting, and other areas related to the written word in Japan.