SWET Newsletter, Number 26

Best Foot Forward: Professional Communication [workshop announcement]

Speaker: Charlotte Kennedy Takahashi, Oak Associates

The Book Service is Back!: And That's Not All, Folks [new bookseller: The Bookcase]

Save 30% to 50% – or More – Through SWET; New Book Service Address

Incorporation, Ltd. (ALB) [workshop report: panel discussion]

Panelists: Ruth McCreery, Bill, Lise, Larry Bouchard, Sasaki Shuichi

J-Star/A-Star: System of... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 25

Incorporation, Ltd.: Start Your Own Company [panel announcement]

Panelists: Ruth McCreery, Bill Lise, Larry Brouhard

J-STAR Demonstration [demonstration announcement: word processor]

1986 Directory[issuance notice]

Proud Send-off [JAT goes independent]

Happy New Year [report: party]

Library Relocates [British Council library to Kagurazaka]

Attention Poets [Tokyo English Literature Society contest]

From the New Yorker: Silver Lining Department [errors/oddities]

Books á la Mode [reviews]

New Words Dictionary (SS)

SWET Newsletter, Number 24

Newsweek! [JAT meeting announcement]

Speaker: Takashi Ota, Editor in Chief, Pacific International Edition

New Year Party [announcement]

Super SWET Special [book publishers discounts]

Indexing from A to Z (MP) [workshop report]

Leaders: Gail Umehara, Nina Raj

The Whazits [reference to calendar years]

SWET Meets the Macintosh (RB) [demonstration report: Macintosh computer]

Demonstrator: Ken Otake

The Writing of No-Writing (ALB) [workshop report: Zen and... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 23

Indexing: A How-to Approach for the Uninitiated [workshop announcement]

Leaders: Gail Umehara, Nina Raj

Electronic Publishing: What's in It for You? [workshop announcement]

Leader: John Mackin

Only the Address Is New [SWET address change]

Meet the Mac [workshop announcement: Macintosh computers]

Demonstrator: Ken Otake

Publication Design (ALB) [workshop report]

Leader: Dana Levy

Suds [report: annual beer party]

Time Sharing [ethics of consulting... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 22

Looking Good in the 1980s: Contemporary Publication Design [workshop announcement]

Leader: Dana Levy

Translators at Work [report: translation seminar]

Panelists: Frank Baldwin, Chris Brockett, Lynne Riggs, Fred Uleman

A Grammar Glossary [English/Japanese grammar terms]

1984 Japanese Bestsellers [Japanese-language top 20 books, various genres]

JAT News (FMU) (ref: CC) ]report: organizational meeting]

The SWETStars (YS) (ref: JMcC, MH) [meeting report: WordStar users group; CPM,... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 21

Translation Seminar [announcement]

Panelists: Frank Baldwin, Chris Brockett, Lynne Riggs, Fred Uleman

Translators Organize (CC) [translators group forms]

Instant Newslettering [workshop report] (ALB)

Leader: Becky Davis

Playing the Numbers (FMU) [grouping digits; idioms with 1 and 8]

The SWETStars (YS) [meeting report: WordStar users group]

SWETStars Tips [text file quick review]

Offer Limited (ref: CC) [translator newssheet]

MacAnnuals [postcard-format annual report]

Directory Update