SWET Newsletter, Number 13

To Read or Not to Read: Is Content Enough or Can Design Make a Difference? [design workshop, announcement]

Leaders: Suzanne Trumbull, Keiko Namie, Becky Davis

Year-End Party (ref: LER) [announcement]

Book Mavin at Work

Style, Usage, and Grammar Books, Part 1: The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage; The Complete Plain Words, 2nd ed.; A Dictionary of Modern... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 12

Translation Workshop [announcement]

Lecturer: Toru Mori

Four Pros on Editing Translations (LER) [report: panel discussion]

Panelists: Patricia Murray, Ann Sargent, Suzanne Trumbull, Paul Waley

Ask the Publishing Hexpert [understanding computerized typesetting proofs]

Word Processor Update (ref: BL)

Book Mavin at Work: Style Manuals: Part 1

Books: The Chicago Manual of Style; Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook, 2nd ed.; Copyediting: A Practical Guide;... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 11

Editing Translations: A Panel Discussion [announcement]

Panelists: Patricia Murray, Ann Sargent, Suzanne Trumbull, Paul Waley

Shelf It! [Book Exchange improvements]

Book Mavin at Work

Periodicals: Australian Bookseller and Publisher; The Bookseller, Books in Canada; The Editorial Eye; Fine Print; Hon'yaku no Sekai; Print; Publishers Weekly; Scholarly Publishing; Translation Review; U&lc (Upper and Lower Case); The Writer; Writer's Digest

Book Mavin at... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 10

SWET Social Gathering [announcement]

Questionnaire Responses Pour In (FMU)

Ask the Publishing Hexpert [enumeration in translation]

Photo Editing Workshop (SS) [report]

Instructor: Becky Davis

Style Sheet Draft Completed [progress report]

... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 9

Workshop / Photo Editing and Layout [announcement]

Glossaries Glossaries Glossaries (ref: JL) [list, availability]

SWET New York Chapter (ref: RPS) [founded]

SWET Copy Editing Workshop (EW) [report]

The Ante Is Up [dues raised from ¥1,000 to ¥3,000]

Ask the Publishing Hexpert [mechanical translation faults]

SWET Shirts: Going . . . Going . . .[sale]

The Book Exchange (ref: PP) [promotion]

... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 8

104 Year in Japan (Report of June 26 talk)

Speaker: Otis Cary

 "Beyond Rewriting": Introduction to Copy Editing [Workshop announcement]

Rendering Unto Caesar [Japanese Tax Returns For Freelancers]

Ask the Publishing Hexpert / Accents and Widows

SWET Book Exchange

... more