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Althaus, Mary    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Apple, Matthew    

Location:Nara, Japan

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After working in Boston as a graphic designer (1997-1999), I headed to Nara, Japan, to become an Assistant Language Teacher in the JET Programme (Japan Exchange Teachers). After 3 years teaching in elementary, junior, and senior high schools in southern Nara Prefecture, I then taught (in succession) at a Kobe-based night cram school, on contract at Kansai-area universities, and finally full-time at a technical college. I moved on to Ritsumeikan University in April 2013, where I teach international communication skills and second language acquisition in the College of Letters. I’m a reviewer for several SLA/TESOL journals (OnCUE Journal, JALT Journal, Language Learning, Applied Linguistics), and recently published a co-edited book, “Language Learning Motivation in Japan” (October 2013).
Another edited volume (“L2 Selves and Motivations in Asian Contexts”) is in the works, and a separate independently-written/edited/produced book (“Taking Leave: An American on paternity leave in Japan”) is searching for a publisher. I have a couple other fiction writing projects on hold, which I intend to come back to whenever I can find time…



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Arno, Richard    

Location:Saitama, Japan

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Asakura, Kazuko    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Asano, Tomoko    

Location:Ibaraki, Japan

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Ashby, Janet    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Ayre, Stuart    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Baldwin, Frank    

Location:California, United States


Returned to the States in December 2012. Working on a monograph about a nationalistic attack on a scholarly project in 2003.

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Balistrieri, Emily Rose    

Location:Tokyo, Japan



JLPT N1 certified. I have experience with light novels, children’s books, manga, subtitles, videogames, and more. Besides translating I often proof/edit. First Place winner in Manga Translation Battle 2013 for Saya Saya To.

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Beck, Adam    

Location:Hiroshima, Japan

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Beichman, Janine    

Location:Ibaraki, Japan


Professor Emerita of Daito Bunka University, author of two biographies (Masaoka Shiki and Yosano Akiko) and translator of books by the poet Ooka Makoto as well as the novelist Setouchi Jakucho. I am now continuing work on biography of Yosano Akiko and also doing free-lance translation.

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Birnbaum, Phyllis    

Location:MA, United States

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Boas, Benjamin    

Location:No state/province, Japan

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Bourdaniotis, George    

Location:Hyogo, Japan

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Translation: Business, marketing, IT, movie and video subtitles/scripts, general
Interpreting: Whispered, escort interpreter, personal assistant, small-scale business meetings (Also, interpreting in casual and semi-formal situations Greek-Japanese-English)
Other: Editing, writing, event planning/organisation, narration

   On graduating with a major in Japanese language from university, I first became a high school Japanese teacher in Australia before coming to Japan, where I now live. I have been translating professionally since 1996. During this time, I worked as an in-house translator and translation coordinator for a Japanese software company for 6 years—localising software and its documentation, and translating press releases, promotional materials. I also gained a knowledge of HTML coding and web site maintenance. More recently, I am also involved in TV program and video production, script translation and subtitling, and video narration.
   With my fluent Japanese, I am often called on to interpret between English and Japanese in various situations. I have used my conversational Greek skills to help a visiting professor conduct research in Japan and help Greek business people in informal situations.
   I am also involved in event planning, promotion and touring with domestic and international musicians.




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Bray, Richard    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan


From 1977, he held positions as staff, resident and chief hospital pharmacist, including a spell in nuclear medicine and membership of the pharmacy and therapeutics committees. His research interests were in adhesions/ fertility surgery and parenteral nutrition/ extemporaneous aseptic formulations. Spent one-year teaching medical and pharmaceutical communications in Japan before moving to the Japanese pharmaceutical industry in 1990 as an international product manager, and then as director of marketing services in one of the world’s largest companies.

Experience in all aspects of the industry from clinical trials and marketing to product launches, staff training and education; from the development and production of packaging and promotional materials to publications and national newsletters; from organising exhibitions and events to product planning and strategic management; in Japan, Asia and Central/ South America, as well as Europe and North America.

In 1999, he established his own company, im5, to produce interactive medical, marketing, management, multimedia and market research programmes in Japan and around the world. He provides digital publishing solutions, customized medical/ marketing databases and presentations, pharmaceutical product manuals, as well as strategic planning and product training. His current projects are in the specialities of cardiology, gastroenterology and neurology, though as a registered practicing pharmacist, he is familiar with all aspects of medicine.

In 2008, he was the co-author of a study on Helicobacter pylori eradication in 200 patients who had already received one course of therapy. The Quintuple therapy used achieved a 100% eradication rate. and was published in the Japanese peer-reviewed Journal Nihon Rinsho.

The event production side of im5 provides technical direction and production to large conferences, symposia, events, seminars, as well as gala dinners and concerts. Clients are mainly from healthcare, financial services and IT-related companies. His specialities are audience response systems, multiscreen/ widescreen video, audio, as well as LED lighting.

In 2015 he graduated from Manchester University, Manchester Business School, U.K., with a global MBA with Merit, specialising in global Marketing and Business Strategy, New Media Marketing and eHealth.

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Bruce, Tomoko    

Location:RD2, Thames, New Zealand

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Carpenter, Matthew Edwin    

Location:NY, United States

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Carpenter, Juliet    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Carter, Jade Michael    

Location:Burnaby, BC, Canada

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Presently based in Greater Vancouver, Canada, Jade Carter has been at the leading edge of new media design and planning since the early days of Japan’s Internet boom, heading up numerous multimedia projects for major Japanese corporations. With extensive business experience and an array of talents (translation, interpreting, bilingual narration) complementing his gift for stunning innovation as a designer, in recent years Jade has focused on producing multilingual promotional media content for Japanese musicians and artists. Creator of a number of web sites that have been chosen as Site of the Day at,, and, as well as winner of Best Web Film award at the Cannes Film Festival International Critics’ Week, Jade is the founder and driving force of Resourcecode Media Inc.

Jade has given lectures on Web design in Japan and Canada on numerous occasions, including a presentation during the opening week Japan’s first Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo, in December 2003.

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Cary, Beth D.    

Location:CA, United States

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Cary, Ann B.    

Location:Osaka, Japan

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Cassidy, Marisa N.    

Location:Tokyo, Japan



Experienced editor with a demonstrated history of working in the translation and localization industry. Skilled in web design, translation, teaching, content creation, and event management. Strong communications professional with additional training focused on client centered counseling.

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Christensen, Torkil    

Location:Hokkaido, Japan


I digest matters on SWET-L in the SWET newsletter.

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Christenson, Stephen    

Location:Hiroshima, Japan


J>E translator of manga, light novels, and games. (Also handle advertising copy, pharma, and consecutive interpreting.) Lover of SFX. Passionate about striking turns of phrase and small, fuzzy creatures.



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Clancy, Judith    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Clay, Simon    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Cole, John    

Location:Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China


I am a British freelance translator resident in Taiwan, doing both Japanese-English and Chinese-English translation for agencies in Japan and Taiwan, along with a few direct clients. My main areas of expertise are legal and financial translation.

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Cone, Libby    

Location:PA, United States



I have been visiting Japan for over 20 years.
I have edited many English-language medical articles by Japanese authors for publication. My novel about the German occupation of the Channel Islands, War on the Margins, is published by Duckworth.

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Conrad, Richard    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


Arrived in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, last year (2015) with my significantly better other and our two darling children. We’ve set up home and settled in. 
Book editing contracts and other work that’s come my way is keeping me busy, but room remains in my schedule for editing and writing projects.
I could be tempted by all sorts of offers, large and small.
Please contact me if you think I could be of service.

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Copeland, Rebecca    

Location:MO, United States

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Cort, Louise    

Location:DC, United States

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Curran, Beverley    

Location:Aichi, Japan

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Delisle, Hank    

Location:Saitama, Japan

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DeWolf, Charles M.    

Location:Chiba, Japan

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Donovan, Richard    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Donovan, David Geoffrey    

Location:Miyagi, Japan

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Eaton, S. Patrick    


When he is not insanely busy with his regular job, freelance tasks, or his family, Eaton enjoys learning about emerging technologies.

All of Eaton’s contributions to this site are made available under the terms of a Creative Commons License.

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Evans, Judy    

Location:Whitianga, New Zealand

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Flash, Margaret H.    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Foster, Mary    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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