JTA Signage Project FY2020 Resources Now Online

The output of the Japan Tourism Agency FY2020 “English for Sightseeing Destinations around Japan” Project is now available on the JTA website. In addition to the English texts produced, other fruit of the project include a video (in Japanese) explaining the goals of the project and the way it works, a guidebook (in print and online PDF) titled “HowTo多言語解説文整備” for creating effective English signage, and the 2021 project style manual in Japanese and English.

The Writing and Style Manual: English for Sightseeing Destinations Around Japan was revised in March 2021 to incorporate more detailed advice for the writing side (Part 1) of the project. The style manual itself (Part 2) has not changed much. While many adjustments were made for particular topics and sites, its style rules have held up well over the three years (to date) of the project. Writers, translators, and editors working with stakeholders throughout Japan may avail themselves of the JTA-approved Writing and Style Manual, whose Japanese edition provides them and their clients the guidelines that may facilitate their bilingual endeavors.

The FY2020 Project covered 65 sites. A total of 2,169 texts were produced for locations from Hokkaido to the Ryukyu archipelago, including national parks and other nature sites, popular spots centered on traditional culture including temples and shrines, as well as local landmarks and attractions from prehistoric times to today. As in previous years of the project, many SWET members and their colleagues contributed to the project, despite the added inconveniences of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

A number of writers, editors, and others involved in the project came together for the March 2021 SWET Talk Shop to talk about the “take away” of the project for our professions. The video recording of the talk will be made available on the SWET YouTube channel.