SWET Newsletter, Number 11

Editing Translations: A Panel Discussion [announcement]

Panelists: Patricia Murray, Ann Sargent, Suzanne Trumbull, Paul Waley

Shelf It! [Book Exchange improvements]

Book Mavin at Work

Periodicals: Australian Bookseller and Publisher; The Bookseller, Books in Canada; The Editorial Eye; Fine Print; Hon'yaku no Sekai; Print; Publishers Weekly; Scholarly Publishing; Translation Review; U&lc (Upper and Lower Case); The Writer; Writer's Digest

Book Mavin at Work: Time Out [leisure reading]

Periodicals: The New Yorker; Verbatim

Book Mavin at Work: Looking Ahead [future topics]

Processing Your Words: Getting Started (FMU) [considerations in choosing a word processor]

Subheadings: In the Showroom; Can You Afford One?; Information Sharing; A Personal Note

More Translationese (FMU) [use of nado]

Workshops Questionnaire [request for response]

Hold It, Ludlow! [report/poem: SWET New Year's party]