Koide Izumi Chronicles Heroine of Professional Japanese Librarianship

On July 23, NCC Japan, The North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources published “Specialist Spotlight: Izumi Koide” recognizing the work of Koide-san, who is known for her long tenure as librarian at the International House of Japan and her involvement with librarianship development. In 2008, she contributed an article about pioneering Japanese librarian Fukuda Naomi to the SWET Newsletter (No. 120) about Fukuda. Her research on Fukuda developed into a Ph.D. dissertation completed in 2020. Koide’s... more

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英文中の All Caps (全大文字表記) の問題

英文中の All Caps (全大文字表記) の問題

日本では英文書式について正式に学ぶ機会があまりないためか、日本人クライアントと英語圏の翻訳者・編集者とのあいだで、書式をめぐっての問題が起こります。その中の一つが、All Caps、つまり、Tanaka を TANAKA というふうに、すべてを大文字にする表記法です。以下、All Capsを「全大文字表記」と呼ぶことにします。

全大文字表記に対する日英の感覚的差異 ・日本 ⇨ 許容できる ・英語圏 ⇨ 強い拒絶反応

日本人にとっては、大文字・小文字の選択は、漢字表記にするかひらがな表... more


Accessing the Professionals’ Toolboxes

Accessing the Professionals’ Toolboxes

On February 26, 2022, translator and editor Rebekah Harmon joined veteran translator and editor Lynne E. Riggs to talk about ways the professional know-how of editors and J-to-E translators can be accessed and better shared. Lynne E. Riggs is co-founder of the Center for Intercultural Communication (1990) and spent 12 years as managing editor of Monumenta Nipponica. A recent SWET member, Rebekah Harmon formerly worked for institutions under METI and MEXT and now works freelance. The... more

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Manga Lettering and Translation

Manga Lettering and Translation

By Susan E. Jones

One of the fantastic aspects of SWET is its inclusivity. Not limited to just one part of the long process of publishing in English, it welcomes writers, translators, editors, and other wordsmiths who contribute in various ways to the finished product. The SWET Talk Shop on August 22, 2020 looked at the skilled craftspeople who are contributing to manga-production by giving the floor to three dedicated manga letterers: Sara Linsley, Brandon Bovia, and Phil Christie. Lettering appreciator... more

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Based in Tokyo, Japan, SWET comprises people engaged not only in the three professions of writing, editing, and translating, but also in teaching, research, rewriting, design and production, copywriting, and other areas related to the written word in Japan.