Editors Canada Second International Conference, June 2020

Editors Canada Second International Conference, June 2020

Editors Canada is pleased to announce that next year we will host our second international conference. The conference will take place from June 19 to 21, 2020, at Le Centre Sheraton hotel in Montreal, Quebec.

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Our second international conference will once again welcome editors from around the world to participate in a diverse and informative program.

We welcome presentations and workshops related to the global theme of the conference or any of the following areas:

Networking — sessions about making connections, building communities, and creating a... more

Swet Columns

Word Wise: According to Habit

Word Wise: According to Habit

By Richard Medhurst

While it is handy to have default translations for terms, a little variety can refresh both writer and reader. The phrase によると is common in Japanese and commonly rendered by translators as “according to” in English.

With a company or public figure, it may be possible to use “stated” or “announced,” when the context is clear or easily checked, while “said” hedges one’s bets if it is not obviously an official statement. So  安倍首相によると might become “Prime Minister Abe... more


EVENT REPORT: Press Trips and Language Tips for Travel Media

EVENT REPORT: Press Trips and Language Tips for Travel Media

By Rob Goss

On March 20, 2019, twelve people, including five first-timers, attended the latest SWET Travel Writing Meetup in Tokyo at Book House Cafe, Jinbocho, for a presentation by photographer Phil Ono about the handling of style issues in place-name signage used around the country and a presentation by travel writer Rob Goss about press trips for travel writers and issues with translating and editing travel- and tourism-related Japanese into English. (Note: A report of Phil Ono’s part of the... more

SWET Spotlight

Howard Hibbett: Scholar, Translator, Editor

Howard Hibbett: Scholar, Translator, Editor

By Joel Cohn

Howard Hibbett's name was not familiar to the general public, but among Anglophone scholars and students of Japanese literature it was very much one to be reckoned with. His contributions touched us in a variety of ways; many of them extended our understanding of Japanese culture in new directions, and virtually all of his work—be it as a scholar, a translator, a critic, or an editor—was of the highest standard.

Probably he was... more

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