Swet Columns

Stonewalling Clients and Timely Usage

by Torkil Christensen

SWET-L, the open mailing list for SWET and people interested in matters of concern to professional writers, editors, and translators, is an ever-reliable source of helpful and timely advice, keeping listers abreast of new crinkles in English.

This installment of the events on SWET-L brings us up to the end of 2010. Here you will learn... more

eBooks and the Author

by Hugh Ashton

I’m considering all the new options by which we can now read books (i.e. the ebook reader market, which appears to be coming of age - sort of), and it seems to me that there are both technical and business issues here.

The software to convert existing material to ebooks does not seem to work at all well. For... more