SWET Newsletter Archive

SWET Newsletter articles feature topics especially of interest to writers, editors, and translators and other wordsmiths connected with Japan. Issues include detailed reports of past events, articles originally written for SWET, various long-running columns (see below), and other features.

Dues-paying members of SWET have access to the full content of all issues published, from 1981 to 2012 (Nos. 1 to 130), provided in downloadable PDF files (links at bottom left of table of contents of each issue). Selected articles are available to all site visitors via the links on this page. Authors are identified only by initials from Nos. 1 to 100. A list of the authors may be found in this PDF. Authors of articles have full bylines from issues 101 to 130.

The copyright to all articles belongs to the author; contact the author through SWET for permission to quote at length or reprint. Contact SWET for more information.

Some of the long-running columns and highlights of the Newsletter:

Articles on translation (PDF)

Ask the Publishing Hexpert

Bibliotheca Nipponica (about libraries in the Tokyo area)

Book Mavin at Work (and Guest Mavin)

A Day in the Life

Dear Aunt Eva (Doreen Simmons; see sidebar to the right)

How We Got Here

Over Their Shoulders (comparing different translations)

Rough Words (Jiho Sargent)

SWET Cyber Matters

SWET Member News

Threads on SWET-L

Translating from Japanese to English

True to Type (Becky Davis)