Pay your membership dues (6,000 yen/year)

Note: If you are a new member, please be sure to submit a membership application (see sidebar) separately from paying your dues.

Postal transfer

In Japan, you can pay your dues by postal transfer (yūbin furikae) at your local post office. The account name is "SWET no Kai"; the account number, 00100-8-0042202. The payment form is available at all Japanese post offices.

Sample form

(1) Please write your email address in the message area (通信欄).
(2) You may write your postal address in English or Japanese.
(3) Please write your name in roman letters.

Bank transfer

From a Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank) office or ATM:

Kigo (記号):10010

Bango (番号):55545941

Payable To:SWET no Kai / SWETの会

From all other banks or ATMs:

Bank name:Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank)ゆうちょ銀行

Branch no.:008008

Branch name:Zero-zero-hachi〇〇八(ゼロゼロハチ)

Account type:Futsu普通

Account no.:55545945554594

Payable to:SWET no KaiSWETの会

Credit card (online via PayPal)

If you wish to pay your SWET dues by credit card, you can do this through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account. Click on "Add to Cart" and pay for up to three years' worth of dues.

If you choose to pay via PayPal, for your convenience, you may choose to have your SWET membership dues deducted from your PayPal account automatically every year.

Pay dues for:

If you want to cancel your automatically renewed SWET dues payments made through PayPal, please click the button below.


If you have any questions about membership or payment, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Thank you!