SWET Newsletter, Number 12

Translation Workshop [announcement]

Lecturer: Toru Mori

Four Pros on Editing Translations (LER) [report: panel discussion]

Panelists: Patricia Murray, Ann Sargent, Suzanne Trumbull, Paul Waley

Ask the Publishing Hexpert [understanding computerized typesetting proofs]

Word Processor Update (ref: BL)

Book Mavin at Work: Style Manuals: Part 1

Books: The Chicago Manual of Style; Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook, 2nd ed.; Copyediting: A Practical Guide; Hart's Rules for Compositors and Printers at the University Press, Oxford; McGraw-Hill Style Manual: A Concise Guide for Writers and Editors; U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual; Words into Type, 3rd ed.

Book Mavin at Work: Flash! Flash!

SWET Publication: Japan Style Sheet [advance publication notice]

Announcing a New Service for Members [book ordering]

Word Mavin Chides Book Mavin [word choice nuances]

Workshop Preview [periodicals design]

Books, Books, Books (ref: PP) [Book Exchange promotion]