SWET Newsletter, Number 13

To Read or Not to Read: Is Content Enough or Can Design Make a Difference? [design workshop, announcement]

Leaders: Suzanne Trumbull, Keiko Namie, Becky Davis

Year-End Party (ref: LER) [announcement]

Book Mavin at Work

Style, Usage, and Grammar Books, Part 1: The Careful Writer: A Modern Guide to English Usage; The Complete Plain Words, 2nd ed.; A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, 2nd ed.; The Elements of Style, 3rd ed.; The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing; The Harbrace College Handbook, 9th ed.; The Macmillan Handbook of English, 7th ed.; The Prentice-Hall Handbook for Writers, 8th ed.; The Washington Square Press Handbook of Good English; The Writer's Hotline Handbook: A Guide to Good Usage and Effective Writing

Graphics: Graphics Simplified: How to Plan and Prepare Effective Charts, Graphs, Illustrations, and Other Visual Aids

Book Mavin at Work: Update

Book: Hart's Rules for Compositors and Printers at the University Press, Oxford, 39th ed. [availability]

SWET Book Service Simply Spectacular [report: book ordering progress]

The Comparison Book Shopper [SWET book service cheaper than Tokyo stores]

Ask the Publishing Hexpert

Technical Japanese Translation [newsletter available through SWET]

Speaking of Reference Books

Books: Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan

Translation Workshop Transmissions (KB) [workshop report]

Lecturer: Toru Mori

Translation Pitfalls to Avoid: Economics (TM)

1983 Directory of Members Takes Shape [progress report]  

In Case You Missed It [humorous misspellings]