Happy New Year (2019) from SWET!

We are editors, translators, copyeditors, copywriters, proofreaders, teachers, journalists, curriculum developers, and other kinds of writers and interpreters between languages working in Japan or with Japan-related clients. Many of us are self-employed, with all the freedoms and risks involved. SWET helps us to build professional expertise, solve problems that arise in our work, and share what we have learned with colleagues.

In 2018, SWET held eleven events, three of them in Kansai. Our mailing list, SWET-L, may be joined via the SWET website, and we also have a Facebook Group.

In November SWET published the Japan Style Sheet and launched its dedicated website at japanstylesheet.com where the new third edition can be viewed and downloaded free of charge. We hope that the now-updated “SWET guide” will help to make editing and translating easier and lend wordsmiths’ voices strength and authority.

We look forward to ongoing professional support and collaboration in 2019!