Japan Times Dropping Weekend Edition Media Page

Mark Schreiber writes that the Japan Times is dropping its entire Media page from its weekend edition, so from the start of 2022 all three of its main contributors will be out of jobs.
According to Schreiber, the Big in Japan column that runs digests from weekly magazines has roots that go back to the late Bob Horiguchi's "Inside the Weeklies," which began running around 1962, so the column's history dates back nearly 60 years. Before the Japan Times, Schreiber also contributed to a similar column in the Mainichi Daily News from 1992, and when that shut down he and two other Mainichi writers moved to the JT from 2001. That makes a total of three decades of trolling Japan's weeklies and tabloids for hard-hitting (and sometimes lurid) contents.
A lot of foreign media bureaus here depended on the Mainichi and Japan Times columns for insights into what Japan's magazines were saying. Schreiber and his colleague Michael Hoffman would certainly welcome any ideas or suggestions on how they can continue to introduce Japan's magazine journalism to the world.
(via Lynne Riggs, December 19, 2021)

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