Kyoto Journal Celebratory Print Issue “100 Views of Kyoto”

The Kyoto Journal production team has announced details of the one hundredth issue of KJ—a milestone they never foresaw reaching. Thanks to KJ for sharing this splendid news!

Managing editor Ken Rodgers reports: The issue is planned as a kaleidoscopic compendium in the tradition of the many “100 Views” woodblock series, presenting a diversity of perspectives on a specific theme. In this case, a fresh assemblage of views, voices, reminiscences, personal observations and descriptions (many written or adapted especially for KJ100), sketches, photographs, historical and literary quotes (including brief excerpts from KJ back issues and other relevant sources), all intended to evoke by their juxtaposition the unique spirit of Kyoto. (While also intentionally avoiding the all-too-familiar tropes of “ancient capital,” and “cultural heart of Japan”…)

Kyoto is of course both Kyoto Journal’s hometown and its overall defining influence. Since the first issue, published in 1987, KJ has explored and depicted innumerable aspects of Kyoto, honoring the city’s rich heritage while also attempting to envisage Kyoto both within its historical context in Japan, and within the bigger picture of life in Asia.

One of the most difficult parts of presenting KJ100 to our mostly intensely Kyotophile readership has been the search for a cover image that represents the essence of this entire city, an entity that remains almost indefinable in its diversity. We’ll be posting our final choice on KJ’s Facebook page ([url=][/url]), in advance of release.

We expect the magazine to be published in September, in bookstores and through our website, [url=][/url]. (A page for pre-orders is under construction.)


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