Website for a New Era

SWET is proud to present its website, redesigned and reorganized to better serve its members and the wider community of wordsmiths connected with Japan. Please take a look around!

Of particular interest: See “Columns,” featuring seven series of articles, currently stocked with pieces previously published in the SWET Newsletter and in the SWET weblog. See also “Articles,” offering articles from the expertise and experience of SWET members over three decades.

At the July 2, 2012 launch, the site mainly features articles from SWET’s vast archive, but it is designed to present contributions of fresh and timely content all the time. SWET members will have access to the content of previous issues of the SWET Newsletter (in PDF form) and to information about other members for the purpose of networking and professional collaboration.

SWET welcomes contributions of “News” items from members and nonmembers alike, and articles written on topics of interest to people working with English words in connection with Japan.

We hope this new site will launch a new era of interaction among members and other professionals and increased involvement of members in the activities of the Society. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at SWET events.

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