Japan Style Sheet Website 2022 Updates

SWET’s companion site, home of the online version of the Japan Style Sheet, is a reference site for not only editors but translators and writers dealing with style questions relating to Japanese words in English text. Launched in 2018 with the publication of the JSS third edition, its four sections have recently been updated: the downloadable PDF of the JSS online, some of the SWET website articles, the “Q&A” corner, and the list of useful links under “Further Reference.” 

The main text of the JSS has been updated to correct errors, update links in the text, and other emendations. The update was timed with the upcoming reprint of the JSS Third Edition.

All members are entitled to one free copy of the printed JSS Third Edition (request your member copy at the SWET website Shop) and orders are received throughout the year from non-members as well.

The articles that are archived on the SWET website have also been updated, with working links. A recently published report of a Talk Shop regarding style questions has also been added. Suggestions for additional articles—not limited to SWET publications—are welcome!

The Q&A corner has not been active, but several new topics have recently been added, including one regarding use of diacritical marks for Pinyin and Sanskrit. The JSS site has a handy form for receiving questions and comments on the Q&A, which we hope users will take advantage of, thereby tapping into SWET’s collective expertise.

The links under Further Reference have also been updated. This section lists online dictionaries and style guides, as well as a number of reliable online reference sites for translators. Translators will find useful links to information on translation copyright and a model contract for translators.

(Lynne E. Riggs, September 6, 2022)