June 26 - SWET Kansai Pool Party & Kansai JAT June Meeting

Date: June 26, 2011
Time: starting at 12 noon
Place: Kobe Club, Kitano-cho, Kobe
Address: 神戸市中央区北野町4-15-1 (map)

A rare opportunity to eat, swim and sit and chat in the beautiful, relaxing surroundings of the Kobe Club.

Seminar (optional; 12 noon-1.30 p.m.)
Speaker: James Judge, Terms of Art in J-to-E Technical Translation (see details below)
JAT members free, SWET members 500 yen, non-members 1000 yen

Pool Party
Light lunch: Served on terrace at 1.30 pm 2000 yen (incl tax) per person (to pay in advance)
Cash bar and extra kids’ snacks available
Swimming:  (optional!)for all the family, from 12 and all afternoon, rain or shine. Adults 1,500 yen, kids 4 and above 1,000 yen

Book Exchange
Bring a paperback or two that you’ve read recently and want to give away. All extra books will be donated to the Kobe Club’s book exchange shelves.

Reservations by June 22nd: SWET Kansai (Richard Sadowsky & George Bourdaniotis) or Kansai JAT (Cat Nakamichi) 

James Judge: Terms of Art in J-to-E Technical Translation
- What is a “term of art”?
   - Terms of art compared with living-language equivalents generally
- Worthwhileness of using the term of art
- How to find the term of art
- Emerging technologies, and consequent ambiguity in what the “correct” term of art is
Ample examples will be given!

[Profile] James Judge is a US patent agent working with Japanese clients filing for patents in the USA. A lot of his time is spent ensuring that applications are translated using the correct and natural technical terms. This seminar aims to provide all participants who have ever had trouble finding the right technical term with the ways and means of finding and confirming that term.
Useful to any translator who comes up against any technical Japanese.


[講師プロフィール] ジェー ムズ・ジャッジ氏は、顧客の日本企業のためにアメリカで特許申請を行う特許弁理士です。仕事においては、正しい自然な専門用語が出願書類に使われているかどうかを確認するために多くの時間を費やしています。今回のセミナーでは、これまで専門用語を探すのに苦労した経験のある翻訳者を対象に、用語の検索・確認方法についてお話しします。技術・専門文書を扱う翻訳者であれば誰にでも役立つ内容です。