“SWET Shonan” Brunch

Date: November 4 (Mon.) 

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Place: Kamakura Brunch Kitchen


Cost: Around ¥2,000. See the prices on the menu at the website above.

It seems that quite a number of SWET members live in or near the Shonan area, and many others would like to find an excuse to get down there once in a while. The idea for “SWET Shonan” was born at this year’s summer party, envisioned as a series of casual events designed for socializing with wordsmithing peers at locations around the Sagami Bay area. The inaugural event is planned for the holiday Monday on November 4 with a brunch in Kamakura. Afterwards, those who have the time and interest might continue on to Engakuji and Kenchoji in Kita-Kamakura for the annual airing of the treasures.

Do let us know if you’re coming by emailing us at SWET Events by Friday, Nov. 1.