SWET Talk Shop, February 12 (Wed.)  Bridging the Cross-cultural Information Gap

Special Guest: Rochelle Kopp

Date: February 12, 2020 (Wed.)
Time: 6:00–9:00 p.m. (Talk begins at 7:00)
Place: Book House Café, Jinbocho, First Floor, Gulliver Room
See website for map; come out Jinbocho subway exit A1, turn right and walk about 15 meters to the Kitazawa Building. Please take the elevator or stairs to the second floor on the left side of the building. We will be in a small parlor-like room on the left side at the end of the corridor. Look for the SWET signs.
Fee: Free of charge. Food and drink available at the café (see the "Menu" at the Book House Café website)

Reservations: Please let us know if you are coming. E-mail us at SWET

Writer, corporate consultant, translator, and educator Rochelle Kopp will join us to talk about the varied professional hats she has worn working over three decades in and outside Japan. From her perspective as both a creator and consumer of translations and other materials about Japan in English, as well as a consultant to Japanese organizations seeking to be successful globally, she’ll comment on what she sees as some of the most frequent issues relating to the cross-cultural transmission of information. Kopp will also share the origins of her recent interest in problematic English signage in Japan and lead a brainstorming session on how SWET members can help to improve the situation.

Rochelle Kopp is currently Professor of Management at The University of Kitakyushu and Managing Principal of Japan Intercultural Consulting. She is focused on helping Japanese companies be more successful in their global operations, supporting effective human resource management practices, organization development, and cross-cultural training and teambuilding. She also works frequently with American firms that have Japanese customers, joint venture partners, and suppliers. She is the author of The Rice-Paper Ceiling: Breaking Through Japanese Corporate Culture, The Lowdown: Business Etiquette Japan, Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley, and over thirty books in Japanese.