SWET 40th Anniversary Talks, November 15 (Sun.), via Zoom

Founding Members Recall and Reflect
Guests: Peter Goodman, John and Ruth McCreery, Susan Murata, Pamela Pasti, Nina Raj, Lynne Riggs, Susie Schmidt, Mark Schreiber, Ruth Stevens, Meg Taylor, Fred Uleman, and Jillian Yorke
Time: Nov. 15 (Sun.)
9:30 a.m.–12:00 noon JST (main talk starts at 10:00; Nov. 14 (Sat.), 8:00 pm US EST; 5:00 pm PST)
Register in advance for this meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEqdOugrDwpGtPwAxIct5tswU5QrGaMPmxH

Founding members of SWET will be on hand to celebrate our 40 years, tell us what they are doing now, why they are still members (or not), how their professions have changed over the years, and how SWET figured in their lives. After brief remarks by the members of the panel, the meeting will open for questions and answers. The event is still being planned; please watch this space for updates.

Peter Goodman, editor at Tuttle (1976–1979), editor at Kodansha International (1979–1985); owner and publisher of Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, CA (1989–present)

John and Ruth McCreery, translators, editors, and founders of The Word Works (since 1984)

Susan Murata, in 1980, copywriting and translation assistant, Obun Intereurope, Inc.; Riken translation team (2003–2018); freelance translator, Nagano prefecture

Pamela Pasti, first career in publishing including 8 years in Tokyo (1977–1985; Weatherhill, 1981-1984); second career as attorney (1995–present), currently Morrison & Foerster

Nina Raj, editor at John Weatherhill (1972–1975), editor at University of Tokyo Press (1975–1995); translation rights licensing at Japan Uni Agency, Tokyo

Lynne E. Riggs, translator and editor, Center for Social Science Communication (1976–1990); Center for Intercultural Communications (1990-present); managing editor, Monumenta Nipponica (1997–2009), Tokyo

Susie Schmidt, editor at Tuttle (1972-1974), editor at University of Tokyo Press (1976–1996); executive director, American Association of Teachers of Japanese, Boulder, CO

Mark Schreiber, since 1976, writer, translator, and newspaper columnist, Tokyo

Ruth Stevens, editor at Weatherhill (1980–1983); New York City-based consultant on B2B marketing, adjunct professor of marketing at NYU Stern, and author of three business books

Meg Taylor, editor at Weatherhill (1979–1981); currently managing editor, Monkey New Writing from Japan; academic coordinator, Ryerson University Publishing Certificate program; editor specializing in art books and exhibition catalogues.

Fred Uleman, an independent J-E translator for over 50 years, he is currently working as "retired."

Jillian Yorke, editor and researcher for the International Golf Research Institute (1980–1997), English checker, Public Relations Office, METI (1999–2010); currently translator, editor, writer, and editorial committee member, Japan Spotlight.