Translator Tuesdays July 2

Launched in March this year, Translator Tuesdays are casual virtual meet-ups to talk about translation: experiences, questions, reading, strategies, tools, travails, and trivia. The hour-long sessions, moderated by Daniel Morales, start at 8:00 p.m. JST on the first Tuesday of the month. Here is what is coming up:

July 2. It's summertime, and while it may be too hot to spend much time outside, it's nice to dream about translating from the beach. What does your translation work environment look like? Do you have an office or work from home? Are you a nomad and can you take your work environment with you? Are there any items you find particularly valuable for creating an effective space in which to translate? Come with all your questions and recommendations to share.

August 6, September 3, October 1… Details pending

Please note that advance registration is required for each session. Use the link below, selecting the desired date from the pull-down menu. If you are interested but not sure you can make it, feel free to sign up and attend if you can. Participants are also free to arrive or depart while the session is in progress. We encourage you to register now:

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