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SWET’s far-flung community pulses with activity. Members are carving a niche, polishing skills, sharing expertise, and building toward aspirations. What are they doing? Why do they do it? What do they think about it? What can we learn from them? SWET interviews members with an achievement to celebrate, a significant occasion to mark, or something special to share. Let us know what you are doing. To arrange an interview, Contact Us. The SWET Blogroll features personal blogs of members in the Member Spotlight page sidebar.

Interview: Suzanne Kamata

Interview: Suzanne Kamata

On Writing, and Promoting, Diverse Books

Suzanne Kamata has become a respected author for teens and adults, probing issues of physical ableness and cultural identity. An experienced anthologist, she has also edited short fiction about Japan, as well as nonfiction about multicultural motherhood and raising children with special needs. She lives in a farming community in Shikoku. In this interview for... more

Interview: Kathy Morikawa

Interview: Kathy Morikawa

Kathleen Morikawa, aka Wm. (Wilhelmina) Penn, is the author of The Casebook of Irving and Innocence: The Complete Trilogy. Originally published as three separate ebooks—Thursdays in Yokohama, Fridays in Kamakura, and Saturdays in Sapporo —the complete trilogy was released in paperback and ebook form on Amazon this spring. The ebook version also will be available from Nook, iTunes,... more

Nancy Singleton Hachisu on TV!

Nancy Singleton Hachisu on TV!

The author of Japanese Farm Food, SWET member, and long-time resident of Saitama prefecture, Hachisu has begun appearing in segments of the Fuji TV program Tokoro-san no Nippon no Deban (Rediscover Japan). Her segment appears next on Tues. July 21, 7:00–9:00 p.m. Hachisu cooked for SWET’s 2013 New Year’s Party and spoke about her first... more

Phyllis Birnbaum: Another gripping biography

Phyllis Birnbaum: Another gripping biography

Novelist, biographer, journalist, editor and translator Phyllis Birnbaum is based in Watertown, Massachusetts. Her publications include Modern Girls, Shining Stars, the Skies of Tokyo: Five Japanese Women and a biography, Glory in a Line: A Life of Foujita—the Artist Caught Between East and West. She recently edited the English translation of Clouds Above the Hill: A Historical Novel of the Russo-Japanese War. An article on the... more

Interview: Alan Gleason

Interview: Alan Gleason

Alan Gleason and Bilingual Book Translation

The Japan Culture Book. Written by Miura Fumiko; translated by Alan Gleason. The Japan Times, 2015. ISBN 978-4-7890-1580-6.

Alan tells us:

In addition to doing freelance translation projects like this book, I work as a writer, editor and translator (the archetypal SWET member, eh!) for the webzine Artscape Japan and the Books from Japan website. When... more

Interview: Judith Clancy

Interview: Judith Clancy

Judith Clancy on Kyoto’s Gardens

Kyoto Gardens: Masterworks of the Japanese Gardener’s Art. Text by Judith Clancy, photography by Ben Simmons. Tuttle Publishing, 2014. ISBN 978-4-8053-1321-3.

Veteran writer and expert on Kyoto, where she has been a resident and member of the community since 1970, teams up with professional photographer Ben Simmons in this lavishly illustrated introduction to selected gardens... more

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