The SWET Mentoring Program

The SWET mentoring program is a framework for sharing our collective wealth of experience and skills, and for nurturing the rising generation of wordsmiths in Japan-related fields. Our mentoring coordinators play matchmaker between experienced professionals and those in early stages of their careers. A participant may be a mentor in one field and a mentee in another—for instance, an accomplished patent translator who wants guidance in getting her first novel published. Once we’ve paired a mentor and a mentee, they commit to at least four interactions over the course of a year. The content of those interactions is up to the pair: video calls across continents, emailed critiques of short manuscripts, walks in the mountains, cocktails in Ginza…as long as knowledge is being shared, the rest is up to you. Our coordinators are here to answer questions and smooth out the bumps. Please contact SWET mentoring if you’re interested in joining the program as a mentor or mentee. We will begin accepting applications in January 2023. Mentor applicants should have substantial experience in the field(s) they are mentoring. Mentee applicants should already be working in the field for which they are seeking mentoring, or a related field. Both mentors and mentees must be current SWET members; to join or renew, visit  

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