The Fan Quest for Authenticity

by Jessi Nuss, Meghan Strong, and Amanda Te

The fan translation done by fans of anime, manga, and video games for their own satisfaction and desire to share seeks to render the originals “authentically.” Trends and approaches from fan translation can influence “official” published translations and afford ideas for professional translators.

The word “translation” usually brings to mind the vast world of... more

My Sort of Translating

by Edward G. Seidensticker

My kind of translation is literary translation of works that I like and admire.

My subject today is “My Sort of Translating.” By this I mean a kind of translating which I think probably not very many of you are much involved in. I’m an amateur. I have always been very much an amateur. An... more

How Splitting Wood With an Axe is a Lot Like Translating

by Richard Sadowsky (professional translator living on Awaji Island)

Thin pieces don't have to be hit hard, just in the right spot. You get thirsty after doing it for a while. Some wood is soft, some is hard. It helps to know which is which. A piece has to be stood up and positioned for each swing. If you've never done it before, you'll swing and... more