Japan Style Sheet Update

Please note that the Japan Style Sheet is now available at: [url=][/url]

KANJI IN ENGLISH TEXT Editors, translators, and proofreaders turn to the Japan Style Sheet (Stone Bridge Press, 1998) to make style decisions for their work related to Japan. While the editorial options and recommendations given in JSS are as reliable as ever, technology has moved on, resolving some of the difficulties... more

From the Steerage • SWET’s New Online Look

by Richard Sadowsky

In mid-2012, SWET enters a new era with a visually redesigned and enhanced website at setting the groundwork for SWET’s future development. From now on, the website will be the place to go for SWET news, articles, and information for members and others with an interest in SWET topics.

The website will continue to be based on the... more

Reading Japanese Advertising: Print to TV

John L. McCreery

In his second article about Japanese advertising, John McCreery turns to the medium of television, which has unique possibilities not found in print advertising.

In the last issue of the SWET Newsletter, I talked generally about [url=]how to read Japanese ads[/url] and illustrated the approach I advocate by looking at the print ads for the... more

Reading Japanese Advertising

by John L. McCreery

What does it mean to understand an ad? And what specifically does it mean to understand a Japanese ad? The ads we examine are more than an opportunity to learn about Japanese advertising; they are also an opportunity to learn something about the society in which those ads were produced.

When asked if I... more