Swet Columns

SWET Newsletter, Number 8

104 Year in Japan (Report of June 26 talk)

Speaker: Otis Cary

 "Beyond Rewriting": Introduction to Copy Editing [Workshop announcement]

Rendering Unto Caesar [Japanese Tax Returns For Freelancers]

Ask the Publishing Hexpert / Accents and Widows

SWET Book Exchange

... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 7

June 26 SWET Meeting (LER) [announcement]

Speaker: Otis Cary

SWET Book Exchange [progress report; promotion]

In Memory—Ralph Friedrich (BD) [obituary]

Laid-Out Text (SS) [workshop report: May 8]

Instructor: Becky Davis

Glossary of Publishing Terms [project announcement]

Chicago Style Notice (ref: DK) [scheduled availability]

Trying Translation (LER) [report: J-E translation seminars]

Instructors: Tsutomu Kano, Frank Baldwin

Nitpickers Anonymous / Part II: Italics (SS)

SWET Sweat/T-Shirts (PW)... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 6

SWET Workshop / Translation [announcement]

Instructors: Tsutomu Kano, Frank Baldwin

Spring Training / Layout [workshop announcement]

Instructor: Becky Davis

Nitpickers Anonymous (ref: SS, JL, LER, RPS) [proposed SWET Japan Style Sheet]

Name Order (RPS) [sample]

SWET Used-Book Exchange (PP) [startup]

SWET T-Shirts and Trainers (PW) [sale]

SWET Survey Results (MU)

January 30 SWET Party (LER) [report]

"That Uncommon Comma" [poem]

Glossary Bank (ref: DZ) [use and contributions... more

SWET Newsletter, Number 5

SWET Anniversary Party [announcement]

Typography Workshops (NR, LER, SS) [report]

Tools of Typography (RPS) (ref: SS)

Books: University of Chicago Manual of Style; Bookmaking; Designing with Type: A Basic Course in Typography; Typography; The Design of Books: The Designer's Guide to Text Type

SWET Used-Book Exchange (ref: PP)

For Beautiful Human Sweat (PW) [announcement: T-shirt sale]

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SWET Newsletter, Number 4

September 12 SWET Workshops / "Word Processing" and "Typography for Editors" (MT) [announcement]

Report on the June 27 Writer's Meeting / "Writing In and On Japan: A Realistic View" (JL)

Speaker: Donald Richie

Glossary Bank / Recent Additions to the Bank [and request for contributions]

SWET Shirts! [new; ordering information]

Book Exchange [proposal]

Book Orders (ref: BCA) [bookstore recommendation]

From Writers to Writers (RPS) [advice]


SWET Newsletter, Number 3

June 27 SWET Meeting / "Free-lance Writing in Japan" [announcement]

Speaker: Donald Richie

April 25 Translators' Meeting Report (SB)

Glossary Bank (RPS) [report; request for contributions]

Tools of the Translator I (LER)

Books: Kenkyusha's New Japanese-English Dictionary; Japanese-English Character Dictionary ("Nelson's"); Shin Kan-Wa Jiten; Gakkyu Kan-Wa Daijiten; Dai Kan-Wa Jiten; Japanese Names; Daijinmei Jiten; Nihon Kindaishi Jiten; Nihon Rekishi Daijiten; Nihonshi... more