Swet Columns

Interference by Overconfident Japanese

by Doreen Simmons

Need a friendly ear to pour your troubles into? A shoulder to cry on? Somebody, anybody, to whinge at? Write to Aunt Eva, who has been through it all and can share your pain. The names are changed but the situations are real.

Dear Aunt Eva:

I work as a checker and rewriter. I thought... more

Essays on Professionalism

Five essays by veteran SWET members address aspects of professionalism, particularly in a Japanese context, among writers, editors, translators, and those in allied professions. These opinion pieces were contributed to the SWET Newsletter by (in order of appearance) Lynne E. Riggs, Suzanne Trumbull, Mark Schreiber, Fred Uleman, and again Mark Schreiber.


    What It Means to Be a Professional

by Lynne E. Riggs

From... more