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Bio available日本語版有り
Walker, Cassandra Elizabeth    

Location:Ibaraki, Japan

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Walker , Larry    

Location:Nara, Japan

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Warham, Paul    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Warriner, Daniel Warriner    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Watts, Alison    

Location:Ibaraki, Japan




I am from South Australia originally and have lived long-term in Japan where I am based in Ibaraki prefecture. I had a long career as a commercial translator but now translate exclusively literary work. Published works are TAO: On the Road and On the Run by Aya Goda (Portobello, 2007), Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa (Oneworld, 2017), The Aosawa Murders by Riku Onda (Bitter Lemon Press, 2019), and Spark by Naoki Matayoshi (forthcoming from Pushkin Press in 2019).
I write about sashiko (traditional Japanese stitching) on my blog at, and have published an essay about the aftermath of the 2011 disasters at:

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Whipple, Jeremy    

Location:Tokyo, Japan



ジェレミー・ウィップル(本名、岩崎 ジェレミー)



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Whipple, Charles T.    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Wilcut, Lisa    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Specialist in Japanese culture and aesthetics with experience in history, art, architecture, Zen and chanoyu.

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Wilkinson, Kirsty    

Location:Victoria, Australia

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Williams, Maria    

Location:Nagano, Japan

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Winchcomb-Wada, Peter Grant    

Location:Fukuoka, Japan

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Witkam, Frank    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Wylie, Ailsa    

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Yamagata, Akiko    

Location:Cambridge, MA, United States

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Yamaguchi, Eleanor    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Yamakawa, Sharon    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


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Yamakawa, Sagiri    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Yamanaka, Margaret    

Location:Gifu, Japan

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Yonebayashi, Joy    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Yorke, Jillian    

Location:Paeroa, New Zealand

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Yoshikawa, Beatrix    

Location:Shiga, Japan


Translation (from Japanese into English)
Academic Rewriting and Editing (English)

MA of The University of Geneva, School of Translation (Switzerland)
MA of The University of Sheffield, School of East Asian Studies (UK)


ジュネーブ大学翻訳科修士号取得 (スイス)
英国国立シェフィールド大学大学院日本研究修士号取得 (イギリス)

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Yuki, Kyo    

Location:Osaka, Japan

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