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Bio available日本語版有り
Odle, Eric    

Location:Taiwan, Taiwan, Province of China

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Ohno, Hajime    

Location:California, United States

Additional website:


A native of Hokkaido. Studied art/illustration/graphic design in the 1980s in the United States.
Has been a translator (Jap-Eng) since 1994.
Lately, I’ve been making human & animal portraits as well as paintings of my family history based on photographs from the Showa 30s (1955-64).

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Oi, Jiro    

Location:TN, United States

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Ono, Philbert    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Osaka, Rika    

Location:Hyogo, Japan

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Otowa, Rebecca    

Location:Shiga, Japan

Facebook:Rebecca Otowa


Education: BA (Hons. Japanese Language & Culture), University of Queensland, Australia 1978; MA (Buddhist Studies), Otani University, Kyoto 1981
Publications: At Home in Japan (essays, illustrated) Tuttle 2010; My Awesome Japan Adventure (children’s book) Tuttle 2013; articles & translations in Kyoto Journal, Kansai Time Out, Chanoyu Quarterly, Eastern Buddhist, AFWJ Journal (closed circ.)
Life situation: Married to 19th generation heir to 350-year-old farmhouse; 2 married sons, 2 grandchildren; in Japan 34 years
Other interests: Painting (watercolor imagined art); reading; movies; cats; gardening (roses and vegetables); music; currently studying in a Mystery School
Now working on: First painting show preparation and a short story collection.

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Ouellet, Philip J.    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


J.D. University of Southern California (USC) School of Law (1970)
- USC School of Law Scholarship

B.A. Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA) (1964)
- Majors: Political Science and Philosophy
- Occidental College and California State Scholarships

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Owens, Domonique    

Location:Akita, Japan

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Patrick, Tim    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Petkoska Kalajdjieva, Zorica    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Pho, Priscilla    

Location:Hokkaido, Japan

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Pierce, Geoffrey    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Pinansky, Samuel    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Pook, D. Olson    

Location:New Hampshire, United States

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Raj, Nina    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Revelle, Jason Paul    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan


- Writing/editing/translating/proofreading technical/non-technical texts related to government, law, medicine, science, finance, industry, automotive, tourism, lifestyle, health, art, sports, and many others
- Magazine journalism
- Public relations
- Also an avid fine art film photographer

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Riggs, Lynne E.    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


Born in Pennsylvania, I went to college in Ohio and spent my third year in Japan (1970). Residing in Tokyo since 1976, I have been deepening my knowledge of Japan and learning how to write, edit, and translate ever since. My world of translation was once predominantly academic texts (humanities and social sciences), pushing me far beyond the pale content of 1970s Japanese studies; the 1980s and 1990s were full of challenging projects on culture and the arts. Today, content is often much lighter or more bureaucratic, but chances to translate about philosophy, religion, business history, art, and architecture keep my calendar full. I am a dedicated member of the community of SWET, which, with its comings and goings over 38 years, has been a bastion of professional support, community, and friendship. Twelve years as managing editor at Monumenta Nipponica was rigorous training in scholarship, managing a (then-quarterly) publication, editing, proofreading, and clerical work. Fifteen years of teaching J-to-E translation at International Christian University kept me going back to the basics, striving to explain what I do, and encouraging young people interested in translation. I raised two children and have so far helped keep my company going for 29 years (as of March 2019), and am planning to keep up the good work as long as I can—with the help of my SWET friends.

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Riley , Lavonne Riley    

Location:Ibaraki, Japan

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Robertson, Stephen Dixon    

Location:Ontario, Canada

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Robson, Dean    

Location:Gifu, Japan

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Rogers, Lawrence    

Location:Hawaii, United States

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Rossiter, Paul    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Rowe, Simon    

Location:Hyogo, Japan




I grew up in small town New Zealand and big city Australia, and now write short fiction and screenplays from a small room in an old house overlooking a samurai castle in Himeji city, western Honshu. My stories have appeared in TIME Asia, the New York Times, the Weekend Australian, the South China Morning Post and The Paris Review.


I'm an Australian writer based in western Japan. My latest book, "Good Night Papa: Short Stories from Japan and Elsewhere" (2017) is fiction for the time-poor and travel-hungry. The stories are set in Japan, Spain, China, Fiji, Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Australia, and triumphing over adversity (with a twist!) is their central theme.

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Rubley, Ryan    

Location:Mie, Japan

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Sadowsky, Richard    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


Experienced translator; full-time since Heisei 1 (1989)!
Marketing and general business are particular strengths.



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Saji, Yasuo    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Sakakibara, Tomoki    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


SAKAKIBARA Tomoki (榊原知樹) is a translator and university lecturer.

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Sanders, Esther    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Schmidt, Susan    

Location:Colorado, United States

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Schreiber, Mark    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Shimizu, Nishu    

Location:Okayama, Japan

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Simmons, Doreen    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


Born in Nottingham, England; worked in the 1960s as an Army teacher in Singapore; living in Tokyo since September 1973.

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Singleton, James    

Location:Saitama, Japan

Additional website:


1996 Earned degree in Asian studies from the University of Oregon; minors in anthropology and Japanese
2001 Passed JLPT 1
2008 Began translating full time
2013 In-house translator for globally recognized Japanese soy sauce maker
2014 Started in-house as a translator and editor at the Nippon Communications Foundation (


1996年に アジア学専攻、日本語、人類学副専攻でオレゴン大学を卒業

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Skye, Timothy    

Location:British Columbia, Canada



I had worked at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo for 14 years before becoming the in-house editor at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Hayama where I worked for two years. I also did freelance copyediting, research, and copywriting while working at IGES. While in Japan, I was a SWET member and enjoyed the wonderful workshops and other social functions put on by SWET. I returned to Canada in 2006 and continue to provide IGES with freelance editing until the present time. I launched my own editing company, Skye EnviroEditing, in 2015 and will focus on editing research and policy material related to the environment written in English by non-English speakers. Once my website is up and running, I will update my SWET profile. While my focus is on editing research and policy material on the environment, I also do general freelance editing and proofreading.

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Smith, Andrew David    

Location:Hokkaido, Japan

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Spychalski, Kamil    

Location:Western Australia, Japan

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Streeby, Richard    

Location:Chiba, Japan

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Takada, Yoko    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


Currently seeking opportunities to provide arrangement, guiding,  interpretation, and translation services to journalists who will visit Ise-shima Island for the G7 Summit Meeting.
Also, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Arita ware in Saga prefecture in Kyushu, I’m seeking an opportunity in contributing articles about the Arita ware to some media. If you know editors who would be interested, please let me know.



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Tam, Ming    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Tan, Jeremy    

Location:Kochi, Japan

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