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Maerkle, Andrew    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Mahamud Salim, Jaffary (Jeff)    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

Facebook:jeff mahamud

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Mallett, Peter Jonathan    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


Peter Mallett, long-term resident of Kobe, Japan, is a university professor and freelance writer with an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. The former Arts editor of Kansai Time Out and publisher/editor of Artspace, he has written for The Asahi Evening News, Gramophone Japan, Opera News, The New Internationalist etc. His textbook ‘From Word to Letter’ was published in 2007. He has twice been featured at the Osaka literary evening Four Stories reading from his novel ‘Appassionata’ and is currently working on a historical novel.

The short story ‘Sunset for Dolores’ was selected in a contest for publication in the anthology ‘Eternal: Award-Winning Short Stories’ (Hammond House Publishing, Dec 2017)

Short Stories published online

• Immortal Memory – 2nd place in the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Contest 2017:
Republished in The Font, April 2018:
• Vine and Gall – a parody of Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Decline and Fall’
The Font, Oct 2016:
• Kimono Memories – winner of the 1st Writers in Kyoto Contest, March 2016:
• The Old Hibachi – Eastlit, Sept 2014:

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Maloney, Iain    

Location:Gifu, Japan

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Mangham, Matthew    

Location:Please Select..., Japan


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Matsuo, Tsuyoshi    

Location:Osaka, Japan


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McCain, Joel Anthony    

Location:Hyogo, Japan

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McClintock, Martha J.    

Location:Victoria, Australia

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McCreery, Ruth South    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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McCreery, John L.    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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McLean, John    

Location:Hiroshima, Japan

Additional website:

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McTaggart, Ferghal    

Location:Chiba, Japan



I have been in Japan for over two years. I live with my wife in Chiba, and I am very content with my life here.

In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction and writing short stories. Some of my writing has been published online, and I am always looking for opportunities to get my work out into the public sphere.

I am also interested in moving my career in a different direction. I get the most pleasure in my current job from proofreading students’ work and editing course material that my native Japanese colleagues have produced in English. This is the type of work I would like to pursue.

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Medhurst, Richard Stephen    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Meehan, Andrew    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Meyer, Neil    

Location:Aichi, Japan

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Midgley, Clare    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


English-language proofreader/copy-editor/writer based in Kansai area.


BA in French and Italian from University of Bristol, UK (2008)
MPhil (Masters degree) in Linguistics (Romance languages) from University of Cambridge, UK (2010)


1) 4.5 years (2010-2014) working for PLOS, an open-access science journal publisher, in Cambridge, UK. Based in Editorial overseeing the day-to-day running of one of the PLOS journals, including some editing of non-research articles, blog posts, press releases, marketing and website materials, as well as regular proofreading.

2) Completed 18-month part-time distance learning copy-editing course in 2014.

3) Proofread/edited sections of several University of Cambridge PhD theses between 2011 and 2014.

Interested in proofreading/editing/writing work, either based in the Kansai area or working from home.

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Millar, Emily    

Location:Aichi, Japan

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Milner, Rebecca    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Monfort, Matthew    

Location:Fukuoka, Japan


- In the translation industry since 1997
- Technical editing class (UCB), 2000
- TEFL certificate (UCI), 1994
- BA in English and minor in Japanese (UCI), 1992

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Moorhead, Frank    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Mori, Minako    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Morikawa, Kathy    

Location:Hokkaido, Japan

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Morrison, Chris    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Muldoon, John    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Murata, Keiko    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Murata, Susan    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Murphy, Elizabeth    

Location:Kyoto, Japan


Freelance writer, author, transcriber, and proofreader based in Japan. With a Master’s of Science degree and years of research experience, I specialize in bridging the technical and creative gap. Niche areas of expertise include food, farming, and environmental science. Publications range from popular news articles, academic journal papers, and a popular gardening book and blog. In addition to scientific research, most of my professional life is spent in the non-profit sector. As a grant-writer, I successfully received over $215,000 in a two-year period for environmental restoration projects.

Main fields of work include:
- Popular environmental, travel, and farm writing
- Scientific paper proofreading (soils, geology, hydrology, environmental science, climate change research, plant science, agriculture)
- Technical product manuals, protocols, and transcriptions
- Grant-writing for non-profit and research sectors
- Corporate copy for websites, brochures, and other business needs

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Murphy, Allan    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Nagai, Mae    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Nakai, Kate Wildman    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Nakaishi, Satoshi    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Nakamura, Beverly J.    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Nakanishi, Wendy    

Location:Kagawa, Japan


I have been resident in Japan since March 1984. I came to Japan because I’d got a job. I was completing a doctorate on the 18th-century English poet, Alexander Pope, and particularly on his letters, and I was hired by a Professor Tanizaki, who had just spent a year’s sabbatical in Edinburgh, studying the works of Thomas Carlyle. I spent five years at Tokushima Bunri University as a ‘Guest Professor’, and then got a tenured post at Shikoku Gakuin University, where I’ve been teaching full-time ever since. I married a Japanese farmer and we have three sons. I’ve published quite a few academic articles, monographs and book reviews on English and Japanese literature. In recent years, I’ve been writing ‘creative non-fiction’ about my life here in Japan. I have also written a murder mystery set on a Japanese university campus. It is called ‘Imperfect Strangers’ and is to be published (under the pseudonym ‘Jeanne O’Harra’) in digital form in a few months by Endeavour Press (UK) and in print form by Fine Line Press (UK). I look forward to meeting other writers!

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Nichols, Andrew    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Nielsen, Rob    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Nii, Terri    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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O'Donnell, Jennifer    

Location:Washington, United States



British native living in the US. Still considers herself a novice translator but is working hard to improve her Japanese so she can translate literature. Graduated from University of Kent with BA in Anthropology with a year at Kansai Gaidai. MA in Translation from London University. JLPT N2, working on N1.



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Odle, Eric    

Location:Taiwan, Taiwan, Province of China

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Ohno, Hajime    

Location:California, United States

Additional website:


A native of Hokkaido. Studied art/illustration/graphic design in the 1980s in the United States.
Has been a translator (Jap-Eng) since 1994.
Lately, I’ve been making human & animal portraits as well as paintings of my family history based on photographs from the Showa 30s (1955-64).

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Oi, Jiro    

Location:TN, United States

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