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Bio available日本語版有り
Iwabuchi, Deborah    

Location:Gunma, Japan

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Iwata, Ko    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Jelinek, Martie    

Location:Leicestershire, United Kingdom


日>英翻訳 芸術・陶芸

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Jiro, Oi    

Location:Tennessee, United States


Full Address
500 Wilson Pike Circle, Suite 217
Brentwood, TN 37027

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Jones, Caryn    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Jones, Susan    

Location:Hyogo, Japan

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Kamata, Suzanne    

Location:Tokushima, Japan

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Kaori, Nakajima    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Karam, Marilene    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Kawabata, Yuto    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Keane, Kevin    

Location:Osaka, Japan

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Kendall, Frederick Edward    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Kinoshita, Marian    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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I’ve been translating from Japanese to English for over 15 years, covering everything from semiconductor manuals and microcomputer blogs to CSR reports, internal newsletters, and food manufacturer websites, as well as craft instructions (beading, weaving, kanzashi, etc.), travel websites, and books on tenugui towels, kimono, and manga characters.

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Kishida, Chikako    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan


Speciality :
Botany, literature

A bachelor of English and American Literature in Aoyama Gakuin University.  And had been working as a flower and garden designer in Yokohama from 2005.  I have confidence in the botanical field and literature as well.



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Kitaoji, Sara    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Linguistics, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Master of Arts in Comparative Culture, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
Doctor of Philosophy (Literary Translation), International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

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Kobayashi, Chikako    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Komatsubara Scherer, Sarah Yume    

Location:Osaka, Japan


Diploma in Conference Interpreting German<>English, French/Spanish->German, Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW (Switzerland, 2009)
Diploma in Translation German<>English, Spanish->German, Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW (Switzerland, 2007)
MA in Bilingual Translation German<>English, University of Westminster (UK, 2007)
JLPT N1 (2013)j
TOBIS Test of Business Interpreting Skills Japanese<>English, Level 2 (2016)

Experience in translation (German<>English, Japanese>German/English), interpreting (German<>English) and live subtitling (German, English, Spanish)


University of Westminster MA in Bilingual Translation 英⇔ 独
Zurich University of Applied Sciences Diploma in Translation 英⇔独、西→独
Diploma in Conference Interpreting 英語⇔独語、西→独、 仏→独 
日本語能力試験 N1 合格
日英 ビジネス通訳検定(TOBIS)2級

スイス・イギリスの大学・大学院で翻訳・通訳学の資格を取得し、現在は法律・ビジネス・金融・観光・医学を中心に対応しております。音声認識ソフトウェアを用いた聴覚障害者のためのリアルタイム字幕作成も行なっております(カンファレンス・会議・講義:ドイツ語、英語、スペイン語)。ドイツ語ネイティブです。Zurich University of Applied Sciencesの通訳部でアシスタント/翻訳部翻訳・サイトトランスレーションのチューターとして勤務・スイス国営テレビ局にて音声認識ソフトウェアを用いたリアルタイム字幕作成の実績もあります。

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Kuma, Julie    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Kurasawa, Misa    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Kuroda, Atsuko    

Location:Fukushima, Japan

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Lambe, Michael    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


Born and raised in England’s Tees Valley, I studied English Literature at Cambridge University and came to Japan in 1997. Over 22 years I have lived, worked and studied in Fukushima, Saitama, Tokyo, Kyoto, and now Kobe. I have passed the highest level (N1) of the Japan Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and in 2018 I completed a Masters in Translation Studies course at Dublin City University, Ireland. I will graduate with First Class Honours in March 2019.

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Lancet, Barry    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Larrabee, Hart    

Location:Nagano, Japan

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Latham Sprinkle, Tamara Renee    

Location:Illinois, United States

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Lipsett, Edward    

Location:Kumamoto, Japan

Additional website:


I’ve lived in Japan for more than half my life, and I’ve lived for more than half a century. I run a translation/production company called Intercom, Ltd. involved in English, Japanese, Chinese (both) and Korean translation/design/layout, and a publishing house under the Kurodahan Press name

I love science fiction, dogs and a lot of cheeses I can’t find here.

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Lloret, Mike    

Location:Saitama, Japan


After arriving in Japan in 1970, worked in the US Navy as a radioman, for the Department of Defense managing restaurants and clubs, for a college and a university as an instructor, freelance as a writer, an editor, a headhunter, and a consultant, and for various employers, notably the NEC Group, as an instructor, writer, and editor.

Currently employed by Honda Staffing Services Corp., Tokyo (as an editor)
Also currently employed by JKM Consultants, Kamakura (as a consultant and instructor)
Also currently employed by Tokyo Sushi Academy, Tokyo (as a cross-cultural communication curriculum developer and instructor)

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Lojac, Anthony    

Location:California, United States










現在は、Los Angeles、New York City、そして東京の銀座近辺で、人生を謳歌中。

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Long, Julianne    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


I offer native English audiovisual translation and subtitling with passion, focus, quality, and professionalism.
I deliver native English versions of all kinds of audiovisual and related content that are tailored to my clients’ market and the content itself.
I help clients maximize the value of their content, and avoid the trap of amateur and poor quality translation.
I have a unique combination of media production, business and translation experience and training, which allows me to add value in my translations, as well as in delivery and service standards.
I use SST subtitling software, and deliver on time in a variety of formats to meet my client’s needs.

I was formerly an intellectual property lawyer, but in 2011, decided to use my Japanese language and cultural knowledge, and my longstanding interest in film and documentaries, more directly. I chose subtitling as my focus because it offers a great opportunity to do this.

I relish the challenge of coming up with inventive ways to translate something complex or culturally unfamiliar in a limited space on screen. I aim to distil the essence of the original dialogue in concise and culturally meaningful English that matches the tone of the work.

I completed audiovisual translation training at the Japan Audiovisual Translation Academy in Tokyo. I have been working as a Tokyo-based freelance translator focusing on audiovisual content, with a sideline in legal editing, ever since.

Please see for my profile in English and in Japanese (日本語のプロフィール).

See for an article describing how I moved from lawyering to subtitling. It also offers some practical commentary on what it takes to create good subtitles (first published in the Japan Association of Translators’ Translator Perspectives 2014).


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Lowitz, Leza    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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MacMillan, Peter    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Mahamud Salim, Jaffary (Jeff)    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

Facebook:jeff mahamud

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Mallett, Peter Jonathan    

Location:Hyogo, Japan


Peter Mallett, long-term resident of Kobe, Japan, is a university professor and freelance writer with an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. The former Arts editor of Kansai Time Out and publisher/editor of Artspace, he has written for The Asahi Evening News, Gramophone Japan, Opera News, The New Internationalist etc. His textbook ‘From Word to Letter’ was published in 2007. He has twice been featured at the Osaka literary evening Four Stories reading from his novel ‘Appassionata’ and is currently working on a historical novel.

The short story ‘Sunset for Dolores’ was selected in a contest for publication in the anthology ‘Eternal: Award-Winning Short Stories’ (Hammond House Publishing, Dec 2017)

Short Stories published online

• Immortal Memory – 2nd place in the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Contest 2017:
Republished in The Font, April 2018:
• Vine and Gall – a parody of Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Decline and Fall’
The Font, Oct 2016:
• Kimono Memories – winner of the 1st Writers in Kyoto Contest, March 2016:
• The Old Hibachi – Eastlit, Sept 2014:

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Maloney, Iain    

Location:Gifu, Japan

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Mangham, Matthew    

Location:Please Select..., Japan


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Matsuo, Tsuyoshi    

Location:Osaka, Japan


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McClintock, Martha J.    

Location:Victoria, Australia

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McCreery, Ruth South    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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McCreery, John L.    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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McLean, John    

Location:Hiroshima, Japan

Additional website:

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McTaggart, Ferghal    

Location:Chiba, Japan



I have been in Japan for over two years. I live with my wife in Chiba, and I am very content with my life here.

In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction and writing short stories. Some of my writing has been published online, and I am always looking for opportunities to get my work out into the public sphere.

I am also interested in moving my career in a different direction. I get the most pleasure in my current job from proofreading students’ work and editing course material that my native Japanese colleagues have produced in English. This is the type of work I would like to pursue.

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