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Donovan, David Geoffrey    

Location:Miyagi, Japan

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Eaton, S. Patrick    


When he is not insanely busy with his regular job, freelance tasks, or his family, Eaton enjoys learning about emerging technologies.

All of Eaton’s contributions to this site are made available under the terms of a Creative Commons License.

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Evans, Judy    

Location:Whitianga, New Zealand

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Fielding, Rosalind    

Location:Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Fish, Michael    

Location:Suffolk, Japan

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Flash, Margaret H.    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Foster, Mary    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Freire, Carl    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


I have worked as a translator, journalist, and editor in a variety of capacities since 1991. As a translator, I have worked on materials ranging from a political science book about Prime Minister Koizumi (Routledge, 2009) to a corporate history for Hitachi; from urban planning documents for various municipalities in the Kansai region to quality control materials for an automobile manufacturer; and from a catalogue of electric lighting products for Matsushita to a manual explaining how to operate vaccuum transfer robots used in manufacturing silicon wafers.

My journalism experience includes four years at a trade magazine covering the amusement machine business, one year at a Japanese newspaper, and two-and-a-half years as a general news reporter for the Associated Press. I have written about everything from video games and stock market crashes to Japanese election campaigns and people who restore old houses. I also edited a political science and international affairs journal for five years, and just to round out the picture am also completing a dissertation in modern Japanese history for the University of California, Berkeley.

For fun, I’ve been writing songs for two decades and have been playing guitar even longer than that.  I also like to explore Tokyo by bicycle and investigate new cookbooks.

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Fujihashi, Maryellen    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Fujinuma, Sherrie Sue    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Fukami, Yuko    

Location:California, Japan

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Fukao, Jeanette May    


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Fukushima, Susan K.    

Location:Nagasaki, Japan

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Furukawa, Kerry Kay    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Gavey, Bob    

Location:Ibaraki, Japan


New Zealand citizen; permanent resident of Japan.

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Gibbons, Margaret    

Location:Michigan, United States

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Gilliat, Phil    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


I am a Japan Translation Federation-certified Business & Technical Japanese to English translator with a background in IT, trading business and marketing. Specializing in finance, commerce and marketing, I strive to deliver translations which provide clear, easy to digest renderings faithful to the message of the document and Industry-specific terminology consistent with IFRS and accepted legal practices.

I handle such materials as account ledgers; bank statements; business plans; balance sheets; statements of income, cash flows and shareholder’s equity; title deeds & valuations; powers of attorney; sales agreements; code of conduct; compliance, systems and marketing regulations; market research surveys; press releases; product descriptions; presentations, webzines and software manuals.

In so doing, I use up-to-date glossaries, cross-reference with relational databases and proofread to ensure that special attention is given to intelligibility and readability. I believe my thorough approach owes a lot to my experience working in public and private sector information and marketing departments in previous years.

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Gleason, Alan    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Goldberg, David    

Location:Gunma, Japan


I’m from Los Angeles, California.

I studied at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and hold a BA in Japanese Language and Literature, along with a BA in Linguistics. I also studied at Tokyo International Christian University and hold a certificate in Japanese studies.

I have worked as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET program and as a freelance translator. Currently, I am a the managing editor for JAST Create. My specialities are manga translation and project management.

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González, Daniel Jacob    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

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Goodmacher, Greg    

Location:Niigata, Japan

Additional website:


I am addicted to writing and Japanese hot springs. Luckily for me, these addictions are beneficial for my mental and physical health. Developing relationships with other avid writers would bring me joy. If interested in my writing, please look at my blog, or Google my name to read my online articles and to read about my textbooks. I look forward to comments and questions, so please contact me anytime.

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Goodman, John    

Location:Kyoto, Japan

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Gordenker, Alice    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan


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Goss, Rob    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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I’m a British author and writer based in Tokyo, creating award-winning work for clients that have ranged from National Geographic Traveler and BBC Travel to CNBC, the Independent, and some 100 other media companies around the globe.

Feature length or short, I like to tell stories, whether that’s about the sumo bulls of the Oki Islands, the traditional paper-makers of Echizen or the cat that saved a Japanese railway. I enjoy more in-depth projects, too, working on a variety of travel- and culture-related branded content campaigns with companies such as BBC Story Works, the Economist and Reuters Plus. These have included scripting an animated short for the BBC and traveling extensively to create in-depth social media content on a year-long Facebook project for the region of Japan that was devastated by the 2011 tsunami.

I’ve also edited and updated close to 20 books on Japan (for Fodors, Dorling Kindersley, Insight Guides, and others) and have authored seven of my own, including Japanese Inns & Hot Springs and the NATJA 2018 Gold-winning Japan Traveler’s Companion.

Besides SWET, I’m a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalist Association.

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Green, Chris    

Location:千葉県, Japan

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Greenberg, Larry    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


Larry Greenberg grew up in New York and came to Japan in 1985 after earning a degree in international relations from Williams College in Massachusetts. After learning Japanese and working as a translator, Larry established Urban Connections in Tokyo in 1990. For over 25 years, the company has provided translation, interpreting, and other communication services to clients in corporate communications, public relations, and market research sectors. The company specializes in producing accurate, reliable, and polished translations with a team of translators, checkers, and editors with advanced knowledge of a myriad of subjects. As founder and CEO, Larry plays a hands-on role in the company, utilizing his expertise to meet the needs of diverse high-level clients, including Japanese government organizations and ministries, major corporations, NPOs, and technology and media companies.


1964年生まれ、ニューヨーク育ち。Williams Collegeで国際政治を専攻した後、1985年来日。日米会話学院で日本語を学び、1987年に日本語能力試験1級を取得後、翻訳活動開始。1990年4月に株式会社アーバン・コネクションズを設立。海外へ日本の情報を発信する。2000年に子会社として株式会社デジタル・ミームを設立。日本の映像文化を海外に紹介。アーバン・コネクションズ設立25周年を機に、今後のコミュニケーションサービス会社としての在り方を模索し続けている。

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Hagiwara, Osami    

Location:Tokyo, Japan


President Aphacom Company, Ltd.
419, 4-2-5 Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku Tokyo, Japan 134-0088

Business Information: Alphacom Company, Ltd. provides consultation, branding, and public relations planning services to a diverse clientele. Established in 1983, the Company operates as a translation and interpretation business and offers services during conferences to promote understanding among representatives of numerous nationalities. The Company mainly focuses on supply services in the area of marketing and sales promotions and operates four locations throughout Japan. Employing a staff of 15 professionals, Alphacom Company, Ltd. organizes exhibitions, promotes services, and provides management consultation. Mr. Hagiwara founded the Company and presently fulfills his responsibilities in the position of President. In this capacity, he creates the general goals and policies of the Company based upon consumer demand. Mr. Hagiwara also focuses on managing the completion of operations on a daily basis and planning the next area of the industry to expand operations. Working closely with the staff, he additionally schedules training and promotes maximum efficiency using innovative techniques. Looking toward the future, Mr. Hagiwara will draw upon his professional expertise to expand the operations of Alphacom Company, Ltd. into the Chinese market.

Career Steps:
President, Alphacom Company, Ltd. (1983-Present);Planning Division Manager, Asian Advertisers, Inc. (2000); Sales Division Manager, DHC (1978).Associations & Accomplishments: Japan Project Management

Japanese Association of Risk Management; Japan Society of Management Information; Japanese Association of Exhibition; Japan Event Producers Association.

Dokkyo University, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (1975).

Personal Information:
Married to Noriko in 1979. One child: Yosuke. Mr. Hagiwara enjoys golf, reading, and watching sports events.

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Hague, Mark    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Hall, Mary    

Location:Illinois, United States

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Hall, Jonathan Mark    

Location:California, Japan

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Hamilton, Nancy    

Location:CA, United States

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Hare, Joanna    

Location:Kochi, Japan

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Harmon, Rebekah    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan


I’m a localization specialist, translator, and editor working in Tokyo.

Recently I’ve been involved in publications by the Tokyo National Museum, including editing the English edition of their catalog for the special exhibition “Izumo and Yamato: The Birth of Ancient Japan” (2019) and translating a supplementary book for the smaller, thematic exhibition “Korean Court Culture of the Joseon Dynasty” (2020).

Past publications include translations and editorial work for national publishers, including Shufunotomo and Gakken.

As I’ve improved as a translator and interpreter over the years, I’ve grown interested in the psychological adjustments bilingual speakers make when they speak each language and how these “psychological gaps” affect English compositions based on Japanese texts (e.g. high context/low context sentence construction).




特集展 朝鮮王朝の宮廷文化 (東京国立博物館、2020年) - 図録の英訳担当
日本書紀成立1300年 特別展「出雲と大和」(東京国立博物館、2019年)- 英語版図録の校正担当

NHK英語でしゃべらナイト 雑誌(主婦の友社、2010年〜2011年)- 複数の記事の英訳
やさしい英語で日本案内(学研教育出版、2011年) - 編集協力

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Hashimoto, Masaki    

Location:Hyogo, Japan

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Heal Kawai, Louise    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan



Published translations include

2020 various short short stories by Japanese authors including Mizuki Tsujimura, Kozue Osaki, Kanae Minato, Alice Arisugawa, Takemaru Abiko for Day to Day on Kodansha’s
2019 The Honjin Murders by Seishi Yokomizo
2019 Murder in the Crooked House by Soji Shimada
2018 Seventeen by Hideo Yokoyama
2017 Ms Ice Sandwich by Mieko Kawakami
2017 The island of Expectation by Ito Ogawa
2016 松本清張の「聞かなかった場所」A Quiet Place by Seicho Matsumoto, Bitter Lemon Press
2012 川上未映子「乳と卵」Excerpt from Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami, Words Without Borders、August 2012
2012 富岡多恵子「波うつ土地」Building Waves by Taeko Tomioka, Dalkey Archive Press
2007 天藤湘子「極道な月 Yakuza Moon by Shoko Tendo, Kodansha International
2006 大道珠貴「ミルク」Milk, by Tamaki Daido, (appeared in short story anthology Inside) Kodansha International

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Herbert, Sue    

Location:Hyogo, Japan

Contact Sue Herbert via email:

Hill, Jeremy    

Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Hirai, Michihiro    

Location:Kanagawa, Japan

Additional website:


- University of Tokyo (Faculty of Engineering) (BE in 1965)
- University of Pennsylvania (Moore School of Electrical Engineering) (MSE in 1973)
- Gijutsushi (Professional/Consulting Engineer) (in Information Technology)
- 50 top-grade English qualifications (= Japanese record certified by Nippon-1 Net  
  ( (including ATA Translation (JE & EJ), JTA, TOEIC full score, Cambridge CPE
  Grade A, Honyaku Kentei 1st Grade (JE, EJ), and RCT Advanced Professional Translator (APT))
- Interpreter/Guide (German)
Work experience:
- University Lecturer (technical English) (2008 - 2009; 2011; 2013 - 2016)
- University Professor (technical English) (2003 - 2007; 2010; 2012)
- Adviser to Society for Testing English Proficiency (STEP) (2005 - 2015)
- Translator (1974 - present)
- Director, Hitachi Institute of Foreign Languages, Hitachi, Ltd. (1998 - 2002)
- Chief Engineer, General Purpose Computer Division, Hitachi, Ltd. (1988 - 1998)
Books Published:
- 『エンジニアのための英文超克服テキスト』(オーム社、April 2015)
- 『キクタンサイエンス: 情報科学編』(ALC Press、June 2012)
- 『速く正確に読む IT エンジニアの英語』(The Japan Times, February 2011)
- 『はじめての STEP BULATS』(= 翻訳、旺文社、December 2007)(原著 = “Essential BULATS”)
- 『エンジニアのための英語プレゼンテーション超克服テキスト』(オーム社、February 2007)
- 『エンジニアのための英会話超克服テキスト-実戦! テクニカルミーティング』(オーム社、August 2004)
- 『ビジネスパーソンのための英語超効率勉強法』(日本実業出版、September 2002)

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Hirano, Cathy    

Location:Kagawa, Japan

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Hoddle, Chris    

Location:Mie, Japan


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