SWET Greetings in the New Year 2022

Each and every one of us looks out on different scenes, seeks different horizons, and works in different circumstances. And yet we are all here together in this heterogeneous society of wordsmiths sharing an orientation to the subject of Japan. Ours is a world of countless niches and unique job descriptions, yet we are linked by our professional endeavors... more

Japan Times Dropping Weekend Edition Media Page

Mark Schreiber writes that the Japan Times is dropping its entire Media page from its weekend edition, so from the start of 2022 all three of its main contributors will be out of jobs. According to Schreiber, the Big in Japan column that runs digests from weekly magazines has roots that go back to the late Bob Horiguchi's "Inside the Weeklies,"... more

Kyoto Journal Celebratory Print Issue “100 Views of Kyoto”

The Kyoto Journal production team has announced details of the one hundredth issue of KJ—a milestone they never foresaw reaching. Thanks to KJ for sharing this splendid news!

Managing editor Ken Rodgers reports: The issue is planned as a kaleidoscopic compendium in the tradition of the many “100 Views” woodblock series, presenting a diversity of perspectives on a specific... more

Kaga Metal Inlay Translation Handbook Published

Metalworking craft comes up in writing about art and craft all over Japan and editors and writers hunger for reliable bilingual reference materials, preferably with illustrations. Such a guide is now available online as the Kanazawa Craft Arts Translation Handbook: Kaga Metal Inlay. This fine resource focuses on Kaga zōgan, one of the crafts for which Ishikawa prefecture is well... more

Editors Canada 2021 International Conference: Editors Transform

If you haven't already registered and want to join us for Editors 21: Editors Transform, now's the time to make your move. Register online now! Conference registration will remain open until June 9.

You don't want to miss the exciting keynote addresses by Joshua Whitehead (winner of the 2021 Canada Reads competition for his novel Jonny Appleseed) and Amanda Leduc (author of Disfigured: On... more

Art Platform Japan Site Announced

News of the opening of the Bunka-cho (Agency for Cultural Affairs) Art Platform Japan’s website launch has reached us. The "Resources" tab leads to translations of articles on art, with attributions to translators and editors. Lots of English wordcrafting and collaboration is going on here. Happy to see some SWET members among them! Kudos on the hard work. "Art Platform Japan... more